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Virtual cards have most of the same features as physical cards. You can use your online account to withdraw money and make international payments. Unlike a debit card, whenever you need to add funds to your account, you don't need to wait for a bank transfer. With Payzocard, you're able to top up your account instantly and buy anything you'd like online!

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Why use Payzocard?

Some people find it difficult to shop online or withdraw money hassle-free. In these cases, prepaid or debit cards are typically the best way to transact online without barriers. However, the problem is that most financial institutions make obtaining a prepaid or debit card difficult. For instance, many banks have significant documentation requirements that make opening an account challenging.

Fortunately, there's Payzocard! Our unique, innovative global payment solutions let people securely shop and transfer money online. Additionally, our virtual accounts mean that you can establish and use your new card instantly. In other words, you won't find yourself stuck waiting for cards! Since we have no significant documentation requirements, Payzocard's fast activation and instant load features means that you can be shopping online in minutes!

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Our Virtual Visa Cards & Mastercards Have Exceptional Customer Service

We have designed all our products with customers in mind. Therefore, Payzocard has one of the most intuitive account management portals around. You can view all statements and transaction amounts online,
which will give you significant peace of mind. Above all, you can have full confidence that your money is safe and sound with Payzocard. Additionally, seeing this balance in real-time will let you know when you might need to top up. Fortunately, you can also add and withdraw funds using our intuitive online interface. With Payzocard, you will get an exceptional experience that will make managing your virtual prepaid card a breeze!




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Everything You Need to Pay Online Securely

In addition to our intuitive online account management system, Payzocard will soon have mobile apps to manage your virtual Visa cards and Mastercards. With these apps, you will be able to see payments, statements, and balances on your mobile device!

Our platform is very comprehensive and ensures that you can manage your account quickly. Our technology is modern and intuitive, enabling you to view all your account information no matter what device you want to use. Indeed, Payzocard's technology means that you will have everything you need to make payments and transfers online securely!